Would you like to make your podcast accessible with transcripts? Have a look at this step-by-step guide!

A transcript is a written version of an audio track and it can offer you many benefits, as it can help you to index your episode and make it quickly found online.

To add a transcript for your episode on Spreaker, select your podcast from the CMS and click on the episode title.

At the bottom of your episode page you will find the Transcript Type and Transcript URL boxes.

Transcript Type refers to the file format of your transcript. There are 4 different formats you can use:

  • The HTML transcript format. It provides a solution when a transcript is available but no or limited timecode data is available.

  • The JSON format. It accommodates various degrees of fidelity in a concise way.

  • The SRT format. It contains medium-fidelity timestamps and are a popular export option from transcription services.

  • The WebVTT format. It is an alternative to SRT primarily designed for the use in HTML on the web.

In the transcript URL box you will want to insert the URL where your transcript can be found. The Transcript Type should match your Transcript URL.

If you don't have a transcript yet, you can get one following these steps:

  • on the CMS click on the three dots on the right of the episode title to Download your episode.

  • once you downloaded your episode, use an external service to get your podcast transcript. For example, you can use the free service offered by Welder.

  • click on Upload and Transcribe your podcast for free

  • once you logged in, drop your episode file in that page and you will find the transcription at the bottom

  • click on Transcription

  • on the top right of the next page right click on Download as .srt and select Copy Link Address

  • go back on your episode page on Spreaker and paste the link in the Transcript URL box. In this case the Transcript Type to select is SRT. Then click on Save.

Now those files will be automatically added to the RSS feed and this is how your podcast will look like in the Podcast addict app:

You can check which applications are supporting these tags here on PodcastIndex.

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