Spreaker.com and Spreaker Podcast Radio

Any content you upload to Spreaker or create through any of the Spreaker Studio apps will automatically be made available on the Spreaker.com website and across all of Spreaker’s listening apps.

The Spreaker.com Website

When you register and create an account on Spreaker, you’ll be able to fill out a profile page
with your bio, contact information, and default image. Every account can hold a number of shows, each filled with episodes. You can find descriptions of each here.

Every time one you publish an episode on Spreaker, a dedicated page will be automatically generated for it, featuring the image, description, and chapters you’ve added to it.


If you’d like to make any modifications to this information, you can do so through Spreaker’s content management system, aka the CMS.

On those episode pages listeners can leave comments, as well as like or share it with friends and social networks.

Episodes can always be found on account profile pages, as well as show pages.


Spreaker Podcast Radio apps

Episodes you create will also appear elsewhere in Spreaker’s ecosystem, for example the Spreaker Podcast Radio apps available for Android and iOS.

Listeners will find popular podcasts, curated channels and lists, a Favorites section, and auto-generated playlists set to their tastes and actions: Downloads, Listener later, Likes, and History. Listeners will be able to find your episodes (and subsequently, show) through a simple search, and be able to comment on, like, and share your episode from the app as well.