Syndicating via Amazon Alexa Smart Speakers

Since the launch of the first Amazon Echo device by Amazon, the smart speaker market’s numbers have rapidly increased. Reports show that by mid-2017, 20 million Americans were already using Amazon Alexa voice commands on a daily basis, and that statistic is sure to grow in the upcoming months and years.
Podcasting is now part of this huge new market. Introducing your podcast to smart speakers means entering your audiences’ homes and getting the chance to become familiar to lots of new listeners.
It’s a great opportunity for podcasters, which is why Spreaker launched this specific skill.

How to Syndicate a Podcast on Alexa Devices

Hosting a show on Spreaker is enough to get distributed on Amazon Alexa devices, though you do need to adhere to a few requirements in order to be included.

  • Your show needs to be in English. The Spreaker Skill currently supports EN-US and EN-GB. At the moment, Amazon Alexa devices are available in English and German only.
  • Your show needs to contain at least one public episode.
  • Your show must respect content guidelines required by Amazon and avoid content that can be considered offensive, illegal, sexually-explicit, copyright-infringing, or privacy-infringing (read more here).

If your show fulfills the three requirements above but you still can’t get it on the Spreaker Skill, contact us at

How to Enable the Skill

Finally, to be able to listen to shows, the skill needs to be enabled on the device first. You can achieve this in three ways:

  • Simply find it on the Amazon Store.
  • Open your Alexa App and search for “Spreaker” from the Skills section.
  • Use the voice command: “Alexa, enable Spreaker.”

To get more info about the commands available and the skill, please read the dedicated page on the Amazon Store.

Creating your own Alexa Flash Briefing Skill

If you're considering creating your own skill based on the Flash Briefing function, you can use your Spreaker show's RSS Feed to achieve that.

Indeed, you can limit the number of the episodes from your show by adding the ?max_items=NUMBER to your RSS feed URL and defining a number in the field accordingly.


  • this is an RSS feed containing all the public episodes

  • this is the same feed with just the latest public episode

To get more info about developing a Flash Briefing Skill, you can read the dedicated Amazon Documentation.