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Podcast settings on your Spreaker RSS feed
Podcast settings on your Spreaker RSS feed
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Each show on Spreaker has its own feed, which contains all the public episodes and follows this URL format:

How can I customize the RSS feed on Spreaker?

As generic tags follow the information set to Podcasts on Spreaker, any changes you make will be automatically reflected in your Spreaker RSS feed. To do so just go to Content Management System and select your show. Click the “Podcast settings” button and modify all the show information you see in the page. Once finished, just save.

From this page you can change for example:

  • Visibility of your podcast: Public, Private, Limited access (have a look here for more info)

  • Podcast Type: it ensures that your episodes are properly ordered in Apple Podcasts and other directories (<itunes:type>). You can choose between Episodic and Serial. Episodic shows are those that can be listened to in any order. Serial shows are designed to be listened to in sequential order — from the first episode to the last.

You can then click on the left on "RSS Settings" and set the field to “Enabled” if you haven’t done so yet. This way, you’ll be able to edit the information carried with your podcast RSS and shown in Apple Podcasts, Google and other RSS catching platforms.

From here you will be able to edit:

  • Title of your podcast

  • Subtitle (displayed in the Description column in iTunes)

  • Summary (Displayed on your podcast's iTunes Store page)

  • Language

  • Category

  • iTunes Category (Podcasts with an assigned category can appear in more places on the iTunes Store and have a better chance of being found by users)

  • Website

  • Copyright

  • Cover Art

  • Owner

  • Author (Displayed in the Artist column in iTunes)

  • Explicit (if your podcast contains explicit content)

  • Tracking URL prefix (more info here)

Finally, in the RSS settings page it is also possible to forward one RSS feed to another by enabling the “Redirect Field” option, or disabling the feed by selecting the corresponding option.

How to share your Podcast RSS Feed

Once all the tags in your RSS are done and complete, it’s time to distribute your podcast! Read this tutorial and see how it’s done:
How to distribute your podcast to Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and other RSS-catching platforms

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