Our Statistics section on the CMS gives you an in-depth understanding of who your listeners are, where they're from, and how they consume your content.


On the overall statistics page, you will find a quick overview to have a snapshot of your total amount of downloads, live plays, likes and followers. This counter can also be found while you are checking the statistics section of your individual podcasts.

The total downloads refer to the total amount of listens accrued through Spreaker and any other external sources like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

In the total amount of live plays we are counting the listens accrued while broadcasting live. If you are not recording live episodes, but only podcasts, you will likely see 0 as a number.

DOWNLOADS (available with all plans)

Get a time-based overview of the way people listen to your content: do fans tend to listen in while you're going live, or do they download and access your content on-demand?

All this information is available in the Downloads tab. You can change the timeframe and get data for days, weeks, and months. Opt to get the big-picture of your podcast, or focus on a single episode.

LISTENERS (available with all plans)

On this chart, you will be able to check the number of your daily unique listeners, at the podcast level. A listener represents a single user who downloads one or more episodes of the same podcast on the same day.

LIKES (available with Advanced Analytics)

Which episodes did your audience appreciate more? When did your content really resonate with your community? You can get an idea of this through the "likes" section.

FOLLOWERS (available with Advanced Analytics)

How popular is your account? The Followers section traces spikes in followers back to actual episodes and marketing decisions.

SOURCES (available with Advanced Analytics)

What devices are your listeners using to tune in? Are they listening through Spreaker's website and mobile apps, Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify or the embedded widget on your site? Which external directory is referring you the most plays? The "Sources" tab answers all of these questions.

GEOLOCATION (available with Advanced Analytics)

Where are your listeners tuning in from? Which country or city? Get the breakdown of your listener's geography with the Geolocation section.

Geolocation information is available for all the downloads made through the website.

DEVICES (available with Full Analytics)

What devices your audience use the most? Do they listen from a Computer, a Tablet, or a Smartphone? The Devices section provides you with a complete overview of the Operative systems, Mobile devices, and Desktop ones.

EPISODE EVOLUTION (available with Full Analytics)

Benchmark your episodes’ lifespan and learn how specific promotional actions can improve the popularity of your episodes.

This chart enables you to see your episodes’ cumulative downloads over time, relative to their release date. This way you can measure if specific topics or marketing actions can increase your episode’s performance.

DEMOGRAPHICS (available with Full Analytics)

Take your podcast to the next level by knowing the exact demographics (gender and age group) of your listeners. You can use this information to better target your message, or offer it to prospective advertisers.

This information is only available for downloads made through Spreaker, and is derived from users who have signed up for the service.

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