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How to draft an episode to create and manage a line item
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If you want to have an episode published to become available for a later time but have a campaign be set to display when it is ready, you will want to create an episode as a draft and set it to publish at the time you would like.

To create a draft, you will want to visit the "Manage My Podcast" option from the drop down menu and select the podcast you would like the episode to appear in. Next, please click on the 'upload episode' button and select the file to upload.

Once the file loads completely, It will state that the episode is "unpublished" and this means it is now a draft episode on the podcast.

Now we will want to start the steps of creating a campaign.

The first thing to do after accessing the Campaigns section is creating an advertiser and start the campaign creation process. The definition of an advertiser, along with other useful terminology, can be found in this glossary.

From this section you will be able to create and manage/edit your previously created advertisers.

As soon as you click on the Create Advertiser Button, you will be asked to add the name of the company that is being promoted in the campaign.

Type the name and click on Create Advertiser at the bottom of the page in order to save.

Now that you have created the “container” for your first campaign it is time to create your first Line Item.

The Line Item is the entity related to the audio ad, where you can select the dates, targets and goals.

  • Insert the name for the Line Item, upload the audio ad making sure it is good quality and in mp3 format.

  • You can activate the Line Item upon creation, or leave it unchecked until everything is ready.

  • Choose the dates for which this Line Item will be running as well as the priority and delivery:

  • Choose the targets for this Line Item. You can choose to target geo-location, a specific episode that is in the drafts, the type of ad (pre, mid or post-roll) or even the device.

You can either target or exclude specific audiences with the parameters mentioned.

When no targets are defined, we are going to run the line item on the entire inventory.

  • Target Content:

- Category: Define a list of Spreaker category names to run the campaign on.

- Network: If you want to run this campaign only on one or more networks, you can target that by name.

- Podcast: If you want to run this campaign only on one or more podcasts, you can target that by title.

- Episode: If you want to run this campaign only on one or more episodes, you can target that by title.

- Episode Publish Date: If you want to run a campaign only on episodes older or newer than a specific date of publication.

- Content Age: Similar to Publish Date targeting but in relative terms. Instead of defining a specific date, you define a number of days the episode has been published since.

  • Target Geo:

Which country/es this campaign should run on? For the U.S., you could specify regions/states and even DMA (metro areas/cities).

  • Click “New Line Item” at the bottom of the page and it is done! You can now see it and edit it at any time on the Campaign:

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