Cloning of a Line Item

How to clone an existing line item for the campaign manager

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With our Campaign manager, users will need to create a Line Item*.

In this article we want to introduce an option that allows cloning of a line item to increase the efficiency and decrease the amount of time and steps needed for similar line items.

*Line Item is the entity related to the audio ad, where you can select the dates, targets and goals.

When you are within the line item table list within the Campaign Detail page, there is an Action button which is 3 vertical dots to the right of the line item that will let you see the options: Edit, Clone, Statistics, and Delete.

Upon clicking on the Clone option, it will display a pop up to ask:

Are you sure you want to clone *Your Line Item title*? The new line item will be cloned without Audio Ad File attached

There are two options here to either close the pop up or to Clone Line Item.

When Clone Line Item is selected the next page will display the prior priorities, dates, targets, and goals. Edits can easily be made if any of the prior information needs changing.

An Audio Ad File warning will appear and the line item will need this ad file to be uploaded prior to selecting the submission of New Line Item at the bottom of the page. Once this is completed, the Line Item will be able to start delivering at the date and time chosen.

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