Spreaker podcast’s feed and how to customize RSS

Each show on Spreaker has its own feed, which contains all the public episodes and follows this URL format: https://www.spreaker.com/show/SHOWID/episodes/feed


As shown in the screenshot above (click the image to enlarge), Spreaker’s feed includes:

  • generic tags - as <title> or <link> - including basic show information.
  • iTunes tags, like <itunes:author> or <itunes:category>, which allow the customization of the field on iTunes.
  • Google Play tags, like <googleplay:email>, granting customized information for Google Play.

How can I customize the RSS feed on Spreaker?

  • As generic tags follow the information set to Shows on Spreaker, you can simply edit your show’s information and the rest will follow. To do so just go to Content Management System and select your show. Click the yellow “Edit” button and modify all the show information you see in the page. Once finished, just save.

  • If you want to edit iTunes and Google Play tags, you need to follow in part the same path described above: go to Content Management System, click the show you want to modify and the edit button, as shown in the screenshot below.


Now select the “RSS Customization” option and set the field to “Manual” if you haven’t done yet.
This way, you’ll be able to edit the information carried with your podcast RSS and shown in iTunes, Google and other RSS catching platforms.

Please note: the RSS customization option is only available to Pro users.


You can simply switch from iTunes tags to Google Play ones by selecting the corresponding tabs.


Finally, in the customization RSS page it is also possible to forward one RSS feed to another by enabling the “Redirect Field” option, or disabling the feed by selecting the corresponding option.


User's unique RSS Feed

Spreaker also provides the user’s RSS feed. Unlike the show’s feed described above, it gathers together all the public episodes from all of the shows created with your account. If you have multiple podcasts and prefer distributing all of them under a unique podcast network profile on iTunes and other RSS platform, you may consider using it.

The user’s RSS feed follows this format: https://www.spreaker.com/user/USERID/episodes/feed
and can be customized in your user’s settings.

How to share your Podcast RSS Feed

Once all the tags in your RSS are done and complete, it’s time to distribute your podcast! Read this tutorial and see how it’s done:
Podcast distribution to iTunes, Stitcher, Google, and other RSS-catching platforms.